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ROOUE are the electro-pop twins merging glistening noughties pop, gorgeous harmonization and R&B infused stylings to create an honest, insightful look into love, loss and uncertainty in 2022. 

Originally born in London before moving to Dublin as children, Roisin and Lou remember growing up in a home warmed by music and creativity. With a music therapist mother and music-nerd father, their lives were soundtracked by everything from jazz and classic rock, to Britney Spears and Christina Aguilera. “It instantly became a huge part of our lives,” Ro recalls of music’s presence in their early years. “We always wanted to be musicians and  performers.” 

In 2019, after three years of attending music college together, they began writing as a duo and by March 2020 had four tracks ready and waiting to be recorded. Initially, they were wary of stressing the fact that they were related, but over time they realised how important it was to their creative process, especially when you consider the longest the pair have been apart in their life was three weeks. 

Once writing and recording began, ROOUE set out to create music they wanted to hear, and to craft songs that listeners could connect with. “The artists that we grew up with are so important to us that we’d love for our listeners to have our music do the same for them,” they explain of their hopes for the project. “Sometimes you’re going through a hard time and you hear a song and think ‘Holy shit, this song was written for me’, and having the opportunity to feel those emotions that you’ve been feeling for so long but never recognised before is so amazing, we want to give people that feeling too, that’s the dream.” 

Since ‘What You Want’ was released in October of 2020, ROOUE have released three more singles in ‘Flavour’, ‘Bad Blood’ and ‘Dancing Sad’, each track showing a growing maturity from the duo and a deepening understanding of what ROOUE means to them. “They have drifted to more commercial pop, but over time gravitated towards 00’s vibes, old-school roots” Roisin explains of the duo's musical evolution, “We’ve really grown as people, even though it’s only been a year. As Covid has been so hard and we’ve been through break-ups, a lot of stuff has happened in the world too Between the first song and now we’re radically different people.” 

With new music on the way in 2022, things are ramping up for the Dublin duo, “We’ve got a new chapter coming up in our lives,” they add, “and we can’t want to be able to bring ROOUE with us.” 

Settle - Vera Blue (ROOUE) 

This song has a massive place in our hearts as it was the first ever reference track we used when we decided to make music as ROOUE. We were both on the LUAS listening to music when this song came on. We both spent the rest of our journey listening to it on repeat whilst we talked about plans to release music. Her use of production and vocal arrangement really spoke to us and without it who knows where we would be. 

Love is a losing game - Amy Winehouse, (Roisin) 

When I was 16 I began listening to Amy’s music. I learnt how to play Love is a Losing game on guitar and I fell in love with her use of jazz influenced chords. Her song writing and voice really shaped me as a musician. I began to delve deeper into jazz and found a real love for it. Still to this day if I pick up a guitar I naturally go to play the chord progression from Love is a losing game. 

Retrograde - James Blake (Lou) 

James Blake has always been such an important artist for me when it came to song writing. I heard James perform at my first music festival that I went to and was absolutely blown away! Retrograde was the first song that I heard that had heavy vocal effects and experimental production. I am not exaggerating when I say this song is what made me want to release and write electronic music. His vocal effects have genuinely helped shape me into the artist I am today. I started to experiment with vocal pedals when performing and will ALWAYS use him as a reference to how I want to push myself out of my comfort zone when producing ROOUE tracks. 

Everything I ever wanted - Billie Eilish (ROOUE) 

Billie Eilish has always been a huge inspiration for us. When we were in the depths of COVID we discovered her movie, ‘The World’s a little Blurry’ and it gave us so much motivation to continue writing and to release our debut single. ‘Everything I ever wanted’ is so immaculately written with dark lyrics and beautiful harmonies. This is a song that we can never skip when it comes on. 

The Journey - Tom Misch (Roisin) 

Our family are massive Tom Misch fans. His album is definitely the soundtrack to all our family dinners and holiday drives. The journey is the first song I go to play when I need to feel relaxed and centred. Just hearing the first notes of the song brings me to my happy place with amazing memories. 

What goes around comes around - Justin Timberlake (Lou) 

Suchhh an iconic song! This was the first song I learned to play on guitar. Justin Timberlake was the first artist that truly sparked my love for production and made me start really exploring music and song writing. I love this song so much, the vocal layering and how he produced his vocals is a work of art and still to this day I use him as a production reference when writing. 

How Much A Dollar Cost - Kendrick Lamar (Roisin) 

Kendrick Lamar is a monumentally important artist in the music industry. How Much a Dollar Cost has been a big song in my life, not only as a music but as a person. I love the story behind the lyrics and I think it's a really important message to remember, especially in the current times. 


This song is a boost of serotonin for me. When Lil Nas X released his album, I was going through a hard time, struggling with a bad break up and a rough mental health patch. Whenever I felt overwhelmed I would go for a walk and listen to this song. I did a huge amount of song writing at this time and found so much inspiration from Lil Nas X. I can never get enough of his catchy melody writing and his use of creative production. 

God is a woman - Ariana Grande (Roisin) 

God is a woman is definitely one of my favourite songs of all time. I have always been a huge fan of Ariana. Being the big vocal nerd that I am, I love to sing her songs and study her technique.  Her lyrical content is so strong and brings a huge theme of feminism and girl power. The way she stacks harmonies in this song is something we have always used as a reference when song writing and vocal arranging. 

Dua Lipa - Be the one (ROOUE) 

We both have always been Dua Lipa fans, this is our go-to song when we want to feel confident, ready for a gig or a night out. We have been very lucky to have seen her live a few times and ‘Be the one’ never fails to be our favourite song to dance to.

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