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Irish R&B singer-songwriter Zeinab’s latest release ‘Crying’ is a very personal reflection on the murder of George Floyd and the rise of the Black Lives Matter movement. 

Zeinab, who is of Irish-Sudanese heritage, wrote the song in a very vulnerable and raw headspace, as she attempted to understand how she was feeling in response to the tragic events, and how she could move forward and potentially help others find a way forward too. 

The single was released on Friday, 25 February across all music platforms.  It was Zeinab’s first new single of 2022 with more to come, Following in the wake of being recognised by Hot Press Magazine’s ‘Hot for 2022’ list of emerging Irish musical talent.  The singer-songwriter is also a regular music contributor on Virgin Media’s Six O’Clock Show.


Donnell Jones (feat. Lisa “Left Eye” Lopes) - U Know What’s Up

I’ve had this song on rotation since iPods were a thing. RIP brick iPods.  

Unbelievable track. The vibe, the beat, Donnell Jones’ creamy vocals and a feature from such an icon as Lisa “Left Eye” Lopes. What’s not to love!  

Justin Timberlake - Señorita  

I STILL have the Justified album in my car. I had the mixtape in my mams car for years and would blare it on our annual trip to Inishbofin. Me looking out the window, lip-syncing about love lost back in 2002 when I knew nothing about it. 

Senorita was the opening track. It was and still is a favourite of mine. So playful, light and summery with riffs galore from Justin. I love singing along to this! 

It was the first time I fell in love with Pharell and I didn’t even know it. It was only when I was older that I realised that Pharell was one of the 'geniuses’ behind the entire album and I’ve had him on my wish list to collaborate with ever since. 

Craig David - GOT IT GOOD feat. KAYTRANDA 

GOT IT GOOD is such a hypnotic, electronic, soulful track with a strong beat. There’s nothing I don’t love about this song. I’m always singing along to this song and I probably am butchering the lyrics because I’m just so focused on the melody and production of the song. Craig David's vocals on this are like caramel. His voice and the production is a recipe for a bop!

Beyoncé - Picking just ONE Beyoncé is like Sophie's choice. So hard to choose.  

But I’m gonna go with End Of Time from her hit after hit album 4. 

If this song comes on I cannot sit still. Utterly impossible!  

When I hear this song I think back to seeing her perform this at Glastonbury (not in IRL sadly just from my couch) and being in absolute AWE! The vocal stamina and dancing WOW WOW WOW! 


Tom Misch - Beautiful Escape feat. Zac Abel 

Zak Abels vocals and the funk together is just a recipe for a vibe.  

This song popped up on a playlist I was listening to and after hearing it I took a major deep dive into Tom Misch’s discography and I’ve been a fan ever since. Another track of his that has to be mentioned is Runs Through Me w/ De La Soul. 


Ella Fitzgerald - Johnny One Note 

I grew up listening to Ella Fitzgerald. My mam always tells me how when I was really small I used to love belting out Johnny One Note

This song brings me so much joy. Ellas bright and smooth vocals and the joy in her voice. The song itself is just a lot of fun to listen to as well as sing. 

Luther Vandross - Never Too Much 

Now this is a song that has so much focus on one of my favourite instruments… BASS ! Sometimes I find myself literally singing the bass line.  

The slap and slide opener intro WHEW!!!  

It has such a bouncy, vibrant flow with an iconic guitar riff. The instrumentation in this track is so funky and the rhythm makes it such a strut worthy track. 

Etta James - At Last

I performed this at my school graduation. This to me is a song I hold so dear to my heart because it gave me the confidence to show who I was as a singer. Before I would sing a song here and there in school but it was usually a classical song in front of my music class. People didn’t really know that I sang until that day. To this day it is my go to song for a sing song! Certainly a song I will never stop singing (sorry to my friends that have heard it to death since 2010) ! 

Destiny’s Child Song - Say My Name 

I adored Destiny’s Child for many reasons. I was majorly in love with R&B from such a young age and I was instantly hooked on what Destiny’s Child was serving. Beyonce was such a role model for me growing up and seeing her command Say My Name not only vocally but in the music video was inspirational. 

I remember back in 2011 getting up in The George w/ my pal Phil for their karaoke night. Belting this out with him, with accidental drunken choreography and a wind machine will live rent free in my head every time I hear this song. 

Sinead Harnett - Unconditional 

I listen to her almost every day of the week. Her recent album ‘Ready Is Always Too Late’ is a beautiful piece of work that I’ve had on a loop since its release but my all time fave will be the 1st track that I ever heard of hers ‘Unconditional’. 

It’s a chilled track but with a bit of movement to it. Its simplistic lyrics make it really easy to emotionally connect with. 

I also found my all time fave mix & master engineer after seeing who she’s had done some of her tracks. Shout out to Jarrad Hearman who has added the polish & shine to my last two singles. 

She is a huge inspiration of mine. Her talent as a vocalist and songwriter is truly commendable! 

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