21 for 21 : Savage Mantle picks

These are the tunes in 2021 that made me: play them again, laugh, bang my head, shake my hips, jump on the mattress, cry and send you a link! Hope you find as much joy in this list as I did.


Squid - Paddling 

The Bug - Ganja Baby (Feat. Daddy Freddy)


Converge and Chelsea Wolfe - Crimson Stone 

Part Chimp - Wallow 

Overmono - So U Kno 

Cobrah - Good Puss 

Alien Hand - Punch Em in the Dick 

Anz - You Could Be (ft. George Riley) 

Gazelle Twin & NYX - Fire Leap 

A.A. Williams - Control (Arco version) 

Blawan - Under Belly and/or Spooky Fingers 

Container - Rippler


Private Hell - Total Massacre 

Herbert - The Way (feat. Y'akoto) 

Deck in the Pit - Stee-Ruth 

Slikback x 111X - Khorne 

Night Lunch - House Full of Shit 

Palberta - Big Bad Want 

Lingua Ignota - Perpetual Flame of Centralia 

Melvins - I Fuck Around 

LSDXOXO - Sick Bitch


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