Raggedcast News: Embarcadero team up with drummer Nigel Powell and producer Alex Loring for new single 'DOWN'

Raggedcast favourites Embarcadero have announced their third single ‘DOWN’ which is due for release on May 11th. 

The track follows the groups recent releases ‘Tele Flop’ and ‘Chasing You Around’ and is a cracking track with those alt-hip pop vibes and alt rock vibes coming through in spades. 

The track goes from a low-key hip hop tune to an out and out rock anthem in the space of a hook. Be sure to keep an eye out for it as it just gets inside your head, a brilliant track with a cracking hook and a guitar solo to boot!

‘DOWN’ features drummer Nigel Powell (Sad Song Co., Frank Turner) and producer Alex Loring (Rews, Fangclub)

It’s the latest in a series of singles the band produced with support from Help Musicians, enlisting several guest musicians and producers to work on music written and recorded remotely across the UK and Ireland.  

Speaking about how ‘DOWN’ was produced, Embarcadero said:  

DOWN was the result of us sending out increasingly audacious emails. We absolutely love Alex’s work with Fangclub and wrote ‘DOWN’ around the time we were listening to the ‘Vulture Culture’ album on repeat. We asked if he might be interested in working with us and were delighted when he responded with such enthusiasm.  

“As huge Frank Turner fans, we had seen Nigel play loads and really love his style so after another ambitious email exchange we were delighted he was available to record for us. Both Alex and Nigel’s dedication, experience and ideas were key to bringing DOWN to life and making it the song we knew it could be.”

Keep an eye out for 'DOWN' which drops on May 11th and follow Embarcadero on Spotify for more!

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